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trainerize-nutrition-summaryI am now able to offer online coaching to those who may not to be able to get to the gym to train with me in person.

Using software that can be downloaded to your phone, in addition to details of sets, reps, rest etc; your workouts will include detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly, as well as a short video clip of me demonstrating each exercise.

Based upon your goals and availability, you will have workouts scheduled weekly and will receive daily reminders that you need to complete your workout to stay on track with your goals.

As your trainer, I will receive daily reports as to whether your have completed your workouts or not; so you get the benefits of having the accountability of a Personal Trainer as well as programs designed specifically for you at a fraction of the cost.

Online training is perfect for those who are already reasonably self motivated but would benefit from having a program designed specifically for them and their goals.

You are invited to email me weekly with updates as to your progress as well as to discuss any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing with your training program or nutrition plan.

Online Training packages start at £75/ month.

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