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You’ve tried it all…

Heavy squats, deadlift and bench press…

High protein, low carb…

‘The Wolverine Workout’…

You’ve force fed yourself protein shakes and even cut out bread and pasta…

But after weeks of training, suffering and sacrifice, you look in the mirror you see the same average body staring back.

I get it.

The Health and Fitness industry has done an amazing job of over complicating things and confusing everybody.

My name’s Sam Long, a Personal Trainer working in Chester with over 12 years experience amounting to more than 13,000 hours of 1-1 coaching and thousands of pounds invested in my education.

Having researched,  tried and tested countless numbers of training and nutrition programs both on myself and with 100’s of clients over the years, I have the ability to fast track you to achieve your goals and help you become the leanest, strongest and fittest version of yourself.

So, if you’re fed up hopping from program to program searching for the magic plan thats going to transform you from scrawny to brawny…

If you’ve had enough of following a diet that cuts out all the food you like and leaves you feeling miserable and ‘hangry’…

And you’re ready to invest in yourself, and finally achieve your goals of being the leanest, strongest and best version of yourself, then click below to apply for a free consultation or scroll down for more info on what to expect and the services i offer.


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What our clients say about us

Jonathan Thomas

Chester, UK

Jonathan Thomas

I have been training with Sam for over 5 years and in that time i have gotten fitter, stronger and healthier. Everything you could want from a PT, he has nursed me through two knee operations and a pretty poor attitude to my diet!

Samantha Roscoe

Chester, UK

Samantha Roscoe

Through my sessions with Sam my strength has increased more than I could imagine, my body shape has positively changed, along with my attitude towards food thanks to his nutritional advice. Sam explains the exercises in a way which is easy to understand and he also advises what muscles the exercise works and why it is of benefit (which personally I find really interesting). I love the sessions. They are varied, so there's no risk of getting bored and Sam will adapt them to take into account any niggles you may have or if you're struggling with a particular move. Sam has helped me achieve (smash!) the goals I have set myself. He is always positive and encouraging and will give you that extra push when you need it. I walk away from each session feeling brighter and with a little bit more confidence. I can't thank him enough!

James Agate

Peterborough, UK

James Agate

When I came to Sam I'd been weight-training for close to a decade but I had hit a plateau. Since then, Sam has helped me to gain 10kg in a little over 100 days whilst ensuring I stay looking lean. Sam developed an enjoyable training plan as well as a meal framework that I customise to fit my week and what I want to eat. I feel like I have a much better understanding of nutrition and training which has led to better results rather than just being told to do X, Y or Z as was the case with previous trainers I've worked with. Sam is a knowledgeable trainer but is also very honest and a realist so there's no mind-numbing exercise routines, boring meal plans or ridiculous promises of results without hard-work. The way I see it is that Sam provides the map and all I need to do is follow it and put in the effort. I would definitely recommend Sam, as long as you are serious about achieving your goals and not just "showing up".  

Agnese Esposito

Chester, UK

Agnese Esposito

I first began training with Sam approximately 4 years ago, after struggling to lose my baby weight following the birth of my daughter. I was 30kg overweight and struggling to fit in to my size 18 clothes. Needless to say my self-esteem was low and it felt like I had a mountain to climb! My first goal was to get down to a size 14 in 2 months in preparation for a wedding in Italy. Initially Sam trained me at home using just bodyweight and kettlebells, it was hard work but by training with Sam 3 times a week and being careful with what I ate I achieved my goal and fitted in to the dress I wanted. Since then I have continued to train with Sam, and am now am happy with my body and fitting in to size 10 clothes. Training with Sam helps keep me focussed and the constant changing programs and workouts he plans helps keep me motivated. If you are willing to put that hard work in I have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anybody who's looking for an outstanding Personal Trainer.


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